Strategic Partnering for Online Programmes

Work with us on a fee-for-service basis to develop and mange your own portfolio of high-quality online programs for worldwide delivery and support.

This service includes:

  • Online course planning, design and best practice review
  • Editorial guidance and support with interactive course materials development
  • Author and stakeholder engagement meetings
  • Production planning and process management
  • Content capture and editing using open standard tools and formats
  • Multimedia object production and editing using Web standard formats
  • Batch typesetting for professional publishing with your branding
  • In-house staff training and tooling for course production
  • Quality validation and continuous quality improvement
  • Course packaging and distribution – print, mobile and online
  • Course loading and updating in your learning management system/virtual learning environment.

We price this course development and maintenance work on a fee-for-service basis, either menu-priced based on actual volumes of content produced, or using a fixed, per-module production fee averaged over a complete program.

It is very cost-effective because it includes the creation of single-master sources for you to keep and reuse, and includes the production of all required print and online publications and package formats.