VLE/LMS Enhancement

Over the past two decades, CAPDM has worked with many different LMS/VLE systems including Blackboard, Canvas and Moodle. During the last decade in particular, have been asked to build many solutions based on Moodle’s open-source, low-cost accessibility offering, and are able to offer cutting-edge site setup, design, configuration and hosting services, as well as interactive course styling.

We have developed a number of specialist online and distance learning LMS plugins, including:

  • Richer Content Interactions
  • Digital Workbook Reflections
  • Learning Objective Profiling
  • Topic Objective Tracking
  • Tutor’s Helicopter View
  • System Administration Optimisations
  • Summary of Enhancements

We have also implemented enrollment and authentication integrations with Banner, SITS and other popular custom student enrollment and customer-relationship systems.