Centralised Course Publishing

Distance and online learning is now an integral part of the larger educational ecosystem managed by universities. CAPDM and Courseworker are ideal “plugins” to that ecosystem.

Take your course materials, tag them up with open standards formats like reusable XML and you will have a whole range of possibilities open up to you:

  • creating new content assets to own and share
  • different course designs/pedagogies including distance learning
  • rich interactivity, with links and media objects
  • inclusion of publisher’s texts
  • translation into any language and script
  • publishing in any format, including print, ePub, and Kindle
  • future-proofing against changes in systems and formats
  • meeting current and future accessibility requirements
  • smooth adaptation with newly released technologies
  • updating and re-using courses
  • easy course re-branding for different uses
  • secure revision controlled repository

And we haven’t even mentioned the EFFICIENCY of it all…

The generation of alternative accessible forms of course materials is a problem best solved at institution-level too, upstream of course delivery.

In short, centralising the production and ongoing management of your courses is of great benefit, not only for improved asset creation and IP management, but also for improved quality and accessibility of course delivery.

Let us build the first program for you, and then use that example to standardise all your future course publishing and management processes across the institution.