Course Developer Training

How to Create Thousands of Reusable Online Courses

3 day workshop for course developers

This workshop is aimed at course developers wishing to assess the benefits and practicalities of developing online courses using open standards (XML) and the Courseworker cloud-based course production toolkit.

The package includes:

  • An on-site two-day getting-started implementation workshop addressing the development of first courses
  • A second-one-day advanced workshop cementing the experience and practice gained from the first workshop and dealing with more advanced production concepts including MathML, complex tables and assessments
  • One month of free access to and support with using Courseworker
  • Example course component templates and contents
  • All presentation slides and documentation

Workshop pre-requisites

  • Participants are required to have personal computers pre-configured in advance with the 30 day free-trial version of the Oxygen XML editor.
  • A basic understanding of XML, Web browsing and HTML, and PDF and eBook formats.

Pricing of all consultancy packages and workshops depends on numbers attending and location. Please inquire for a fixed price.