Management Consultancy

Successful Online Programs – Strategic Management Review

1 – day strategic seminar for Principals, Vice-Principals and Department Heads

Hosted onsite by experienced CAPDM consultants, this one-day seminar is of value to Principals, Vice Principals, Chief Online Officers, and Heads of Department wishing to explore how other institutions have successfully established online programs and the business needed to sustain them.

The seminar includes:

  • Demonstrations of successful online programs
  • Analysis of their reasons for success
  • Discussion papers exploring key concepts in greater depth
  • All presentation slides and notes

How to Become Online Program Enabled

5 – day executive management support package for new online program implementation teams

The package includes:

  • Two separate one-day onsite workshops spread out over a convenient time-period.
  • Three days of document preparation, circulation and review
  • Documentation assets including:
    • Outline business plan for first online program
    • Course design template for online program
    • Three-minute enrollment – discussion paper
  • Individual access to examples of successful online programs
  • All presentation slides and notes

These seminars are based around the concepts summarised in the OPE Model.