Briefing Papers

This page contains a number of short briefing papers and more substantial white papers on topical issues about online distance learning business and course development and single-source publishing with XML.

CAPDM Briefing Papers by Topic

Introductory Papers

CAPDM in a Nutshell


OPE Model

Business Strategy Papers

Effecting Business Change for Online Distance Learning

Mass Market Means Low Quality, Right?

OPE Model

Professional Development Using Distance Learning

Student Oriented Administration

Sustainable Programmes

The Development of Successful eLearning Programmes

Treat All Students as Distance Learners

Delivery Environment Papers

Avoiding the LMS/VLE System Trap


Sharing Moodle Instances with CAPDM

Still Awaiting Further Innovation with Forums

VLEs Again – This Time the Student View

Learning Design Papers

9D Design for Mixed Mode Learning

Bricolage vs Engineered Learning Designs

Competency Frameworks in Practice

A Competency Framework Methodology and Implementation

Computer Aided eAssessment

Flexible Learning Spectrum

Key Learning Objectives

Improving Student Retention

Publication Types – A New Paradigm for Instructional Design

Resource Oriented Architectures and Moodle Manifests

Production Papers

Content Engineering for Learning

Cost-Effective Production of Learning Materials

Domains of Learning Materials

How We Translate Our Single-Source Courses

Keep Going Well, Keep Going XML

Single Sourcing with Standards

The Need For A New Publishing Workflow

XML for Assessments

XML for eBooks

XML Opens Doors